User Flow 1
High level user flow addressing the core situation. This is arrived at from a phase of desktop research leargely involving Analytics, These assets are useful design assets to keep the main thrust of the project on track. I have also found them useful in highlight the key information particularly in stakeholder engagement.
User Flow 2
User flows can be uysed to highlight some of the key user dynamics and identify what problems need addressing
User Flow 3
The family of user flows ultimately map out solution hypothses which become prototyped and tested
An iterated series of wirframes - both paper prototyped and dynamically built were used to identify approaches to the propblem In this case, the case for using icons was strongly supported, the optimum number of icons and the taxonomy to classify offers was being tested in this phase.
One of the issues on the project was that Vouchercloud had developed a collection of some twenty icons from which their site navigation hung. There was a lot of high level stakeholder support for this approach. By user testing this concept it could be shown that only five icons were generally used and many others were not understood at all. One of the core UX tasks that emerged was how to fix this IA dependence.
Having identified the template requirements for the site, the wireframes allowed us to work through display of information - generally between displaying in tiles vs displaying as a list.
One of the issues on the project was the internal design team championing a tiled layout for aesthetic purposes. This UX phase, including prototype and user-testing, demonstrated that a list approach was more effective
To help with engagement, I set up some stakeholder workshops involving mapping out the templates based on the desktop research, the first round of user testing. It was a type of stakeholder management phase to share the UX findings and to achieve alignment with the business, design and technical streams.
User testing
I set up a  test room and an observation room in the Vouchercloud offices and conducted tests in two phases. There were twelve subject in the first test, with a one week break for analysis, iteration and stakeholder workshops before a second test with twelve seperate subject. All the users were located via the Vouchecloud user database and were incentivised.
High Fidelity Designs
Responsive designs
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